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We Are Coming, We Are Coming…

July 29, 2009

…to Atlanta!  Several members of the 13th Colony will be on hand for this year’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  We’re not just coming from Vancouver, but places across the globe, including bloggers spacepug and gem, as well as our excellent reviewer millari.

If you’re a reader of this blog and plan to attend, let us know in the comments below.  We’ll be pretty easy to spot thanks to the spiffy new stickers Frik and Frak are showing off below!  If you see us around the con, come up and say  “hello.”  The best part of these last couple of years running this blog has been meeting fellow BSG fans from all over the world, both virtually and in person, and this is just another great occasion to do so.

And what a great year for BSG fans to gather at Dragon*Con.  Guests this year include:  Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta), Dirk Benedict (Starbuck, for the original fans), Edward James Olmos (Adama), Kandyse McClure (Dualla), Kate Vernon (Ellen), Luciana Carro (Kat), Mary McDonnell (Roslin), Michael Trucco (Anders) and Richard Hatch (Zarek, Apollo).  Also attending (just not “officially”) will be Aaron Douglas (Tyrol).

Hope to see you there!



The Cylons’ Secret

July 21, 2009

My plan was to work my way through the BSG novels.  Just by chance, I got them out of the library in reverse order.  So somehow I still ended up saving the best one for last.

cylonsecretThe Cylon’s Secret by Craig Shaw Gardner is the best of the three, in my opinion.  One of those reasons may be that the story is set in the past, before Adama became Commander of the Battlestar Galactica.   Generally, I’m not a fan of prequels, but in this case, unexplored territory worked in the author’s favour.  Pay no attention to the cover, however, since sexy Six doesn’t even appear in the story.

We meet both Adama and Tigh when they are younger, though still scarred by many years in the military.  We also meet Tom Zarek, before he became a political activist.  It’s an engaging story.  Zarek is part of a pirate crew, salvaging outlying outposts in the wake of the first Cylon war.  They come across one planet which seems to be unaware of the outcome of that conflict, one where humans and Cylons still live side by side as they had before the rebellion. At least, the humans on the colony are unaware.  The Cylons have a secret.

Here, there are some inconsistencies as well.  Like the Cylons have laser guns instead of bullets.  Not sure how that one crept past the editors.  But these minor details don’t get in the way of your enjoyment of a substantial story.  I really enjoyed the exploration of what it must have been like for Capricans the day the Cylons rebelled, and their house servants, dishwashers and nannies all simply walked off the job.  I have an image in my mind of a dryer with legs marching out our front door.

This novel had some great characters and a good pace that kept me turning pages.  Well worth the read.


True North Strong and Geek

July 8, 2009

blogcanday2July 1st is Canada Day, and 2009 marked our 142nd anniversary as a country.  We do much the same as everyone else around the world on their national holidays, we celebrate with parades and fireworks.  This year though, the sci-fi fans of Vancouver did something a bit different.  We banded together as a nation of geeks and marched under one banner.

North Vancouver’s Canada Day parade featured a contingent of science fiction fans dressed as characters from a wide range of genre favourites: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, BSG, Firefly, Harry Potter, Men in Black and Watchmen.  A special acknowledgement has to go to the Greater Vancouver Stargate Meetup Group, whose members built a Stargate on top of  a van, making it appear as though the van was a makeshift puddle-jumper stuck mid-transit.  They did an awesome job.   So Say We All!



Verdict on Virtuality

July 7, 2009

Twenty-one 13th Colonists gathered over the weekend to finally screen “Virtuality,” the long-awaited, but ultimately failed, pilot from BSG’s executive producer Ron Moore.

The overall consensus from our group was that though there were more things we liked about the show than we didn’t like, it would never have succeeded as a TV series, and certainly not on the Fox network.

I can see how Virtuality would have created some real difficulties for any network to market properly.  It’s a high-concept sci-fi drama with a mystery element, partly told through a reality show format.  The title itself is rather bland and either says nothing about the show, or gives away the big mystery, depending on what was really going on.

VirtualityLongevity would have been an issue.  When you start out with such a high level of peril (rape and murder and/or suicide) in the first episode, how long can you maintain that peak?   As long as a miniseries perhaps, but not an entire series.  And once the nature or extent of the VR was revealed, what then?   Strangely, few of the characters were truly likeable, and the apparent protagonist disappears (or does he?) at the end of the first episode.

Still, the visuals were terrific, the acting was top-notch and the story was interesting.  It is worth watching if you can get your hands on a copy.

Even though Fox changed the airdate from the outright insulting July 4th slot to June 26th, the ratings for Virtuality were dismal.  There is no chance we will ever find out how far down the rabbit hole we would have been led.