Meetup with 13th Colony @ Dragon*Con

September 1, 2009

There will be a gaggle (a horde?) of 13th Colonists attending Dragon*Con this year, from Canada, the US and overseas.  So, we’re going to schedule our very first non-Vancouver Meetup:

Friday, September4th at 7pm at the Consuite (Room 226 Hyatt) is where we will gather, and then possibly move to an alternate location for food and/or drinks.  We ought to be easy to spot…look for some shiny 13 stickers prominently displayed and we guarantee a lively conversation about Battlestar Galactica.  For the steely eyed amongst you….Frik and Frak, our mini-mate mascots, will also be in attendance.

We’re really looking forward to meeting 13th Colonists, our blog readers, and just BSG fans, from all over!  Look forward to meeting you…So Say We All!



  1. I will also be attending The Colonial Fleet party on the Saturday night, in my bright orange Viper Mechanic uniform (think I’ll forego the Popsicle Cally makeup tho…) so if you see someone and think “Aren’t you a little short for a Viper Mechanic?” say hello…

  2. well I though i might tell you all who i ran into a few days ago. esia morales was at the DHL warehouse picking up what looked like a script. hard to tell in DHL packaging . so are they shooting again????

    • As far as I know, they only shut down production on Caprica for a few days for American Thanksgiving, and will barrel on through until mid-January when the Olympics start. I’m sure they’re also taking time off for Christmas, but probably not as long a break as they would normally have taken. Everyone is under the gun to finish production before the Olympics make transportation anywhere in Greater Vancouver much more challenging…

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