Razor Frak Party

November 26, 2007

Why review the movie when you can review the party?

A bunch of us from The 13th Colony got together at Eighties Restaurant in North Vancouver to watch “Razor” on Saturday night. We’ve signed up several new members in recent weeks and I was thrilled to see so many new faces join us for the party. I hope we managed to make you all feel welcome, even if the sign said “Cylons Less Welcome.”

As usual, we had our “Donation Poll” going, asking people who they thought would win in a fair fight, Admiral Cain or President Roslin? Despite what new revelations we saw in Razor, our members still think Laura could kick Helena’s butt, no problem. She won by a margin of three to one. I’d say we have a few Mary McDonnell fans in our midst.

The conversation was lively over dinner and the new eggnog & rum cheescake was delicious. But of course, the crowd fell silent when the broadcast started and remained glued to the big screen for the next two hours, except for brief periods of frenzied bathroom breaks and coffee re-fills during the commercial breaks.

As I expected, the old guys got the biggest cheer. Their appearance would not have felt complete without at least one “By your command” and thankfully, the writers obliged the fans with that. After it was over, we each had ideas about what it means. The only thing we all agreed on is to go back and watch it again to catch all the nuances. We’re not thrilled with the long wait ahead, but we’ve got a few new things to ponder in the meantime.

All in all, a fine party!

Razor Frak Party

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