BSG Visual FX Mojo

May 12, 2008

by spacepug

Cylon VFXMost of the 13th Colonists (I’m speaking of the Vancouver BSG Fan Club variety) already have an idea of how much I love “the old guys.” I carried my old style Cylon Centurion mini-mate with me to nearly all of our events for the first year of the club, until his arms would no longer stay in their sockets. Now they’re stuck in permanently thanks to powerful glue, but the old guy sits on the shelf, as much a museum piece as the antique we saw destined for the Galactica museum at the beginning of the miniseries.

So imagine my thrill when I came across this blog by Darth Mojo, a member of the VFX team for the new Battlestar Galactica. He describes the process of re-creating and updating the old style Cylons for Razor, with anecdotes and pictures from designer Pierre Drolet.

Their results were certainly amazing. When our crowd gathered to watch Razor, they let out an incredible cheer when they saw and heard the old-style Centurions. You just know when something turns out that RIGHT, that true geek love went into the making of it. Thanks very much for sharing, Darth Mojo.

BSG fans have to check out his insider’s story about winning the Visual Effects Emmy last year. And if you’re a fan of Babylon 5, there’s some interesting behind-the-scenes tales from that show as well. Worth adding to your daily blog rounds.

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