Hungry for Caprican Food?

June 13, 2008

by spacepug

That’s the joy of being in Vancouver — nowhere else can you get sushi on one side of the street and Caprican or Gemenese food on the other!

The pilot for Battlestar Galactica‘s prequel project, Caprica, was shooting last night in downtown Vancouver. Popular filming location the Smile Restaurant was transformed into Sa’s Place, which serves Caprican and Gemenese food. The Smile was also noticeably used in Bionic Woman last year.

Better quality pictures will go up on the blog this weekend, including the Caprica filming logo, which is likely just a filler for now and not the final image.

13th Colonists are so lucky….we’re here and you’re not!


  1. It’s awesome living around Vancouver. Everytime I go downtown, I find myself looking around for buildings that I’ve seen in BSG, and now that Caprica is shooting…

  2. so funny – i work next door and didn’t even notice this…so much filming goes on around here that you kinda block it out.

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