The Beach Where Their Journey Ends…(maybe)

June 20, 2008

Beach Blanket BattlestarWe may not know for sure what planet the characters from both sides of the Cylon-Human war in Battlestar Galactica were standing on at the end of “Revelations,” but at least we can tell you more about where the scene was shot.

Blogger and BSG fan bloginhood was smart enough to train his family to location scout for him! When they saw the BSG crew out shooting late last year on a beach in Tsawwassen, they took some great pictures.

Check out his story here and let him know what you think.

And yes, that beach will be on the 13th Colony‘s location scouting list for this summer.


  1. A subsequent entry in the same blog shows even more photos from the filming location. To get there, open the story and click six times on “newer post” OR follow the link I gave above.

  2. …sorry…the link is of course below my comment. Click on “by Daniel”.

  3. Thanks Daniel! Great pics!

  4. [url=http://darthmojo.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/bsg-vfx-revelations/]Darth Mojo[\url] goes into detail about the VFX shot for the Centennial Beach scene.

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